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What are the criteria for choosing the Best camera for YouTube video?

TheYouTube phenomenon is growing day by day. To have an eye-catching video for your YouTube channel, you need a camera to record the video correctly, whether in the studio and outdoors. Before you buy a camera, you need to choose the best camera for YouTube videos. Here are some technical characteristics of choosing a camera:

The camera has a reliable focus system

It means that a camera must have a tracking system and precise face detection to avoid unpleasant blurring effects, as it is too annoying and even it can spoil your video.

Chamber size and weight

It is an essential factor, especially if we will take many outdoor recordings without any hassle. The small and lightweight camera is quite a better option. Still, in many cases, it will be necessary to assess other characteristics and balance performance, size, and weight.

The camera must have a selfie mode

It is an essential feature because it will allow us to see the frame when we are recording ourselves. If the camera does not have this option, an external monitor will be able to connect via HDMI, or a mobile phone could also be used as an external monitor. Meanwhile, it entirely depends on you to choose the option that compensates you the most.

The camera must have the best Image Stabilizer

Image stability is essential in video shooting. However, a shot with shaking camera movements is annoying. We need some stabilization If we will take freehand photos, mostly if we will walk or run. The best stabilization is almost always external, using a Steadicam or gimbal, whereas some cameras must have a stabilizer built into the sensor that is quite an effective software stabilizer.

External microphone input

Meanwhile, the audio is the fundamental part of the image, and if your voice over is not right, you can’t rank your video. Never use the internal microphone of the camera unless you don’t have another choice. Somehow, there are many different tools for recording your voice to create a perfect video for your YouTube channel. Simply connect an external microphone, with your camera to improve audio, and there is no hassle in a recording like a blurred voice or unclear one. Usually, a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack connector is the best camera microphone input.

Record in 4K

However, recording video in 4K will offer better image quality, means better resolution. Also, a user gets more opportunity to edit the video. Nowadays, recording video in 4k is preferable for YouTube video. Few cameras offer 4K at 60fps, but you have more alternatives in case you shoot at 1080 / 60fps.

Slow motion

Slow motion is a resource that you can use in your YouTube videos to complement the main shots. In case you are going to edit 24 fps and 30 fps, you can consider any random camera that provides 60fps and can easily capture slow motion.

When your camera has more frames per second, it will allow a more specific capture video in slow motion. Keep in mind that many cameras in the market offer many unique modes and slow-motion features. For instance, video without audio in which some adjustment functions are included.

A professional camera and a editing video in the background. Editing is nothing without great raw footage!

Cinema style or documentary-style camera

This question might be a confusing one, whether you consider a documentary style or Cinema style camera. Virtually all cameras include the 24 fps mode that is associated with a cinematic style.

When we shoot scenes at 24 fps randomly, each outline is like a somewhat temperamental photo. When replicating that grouping, it gives the sensation of a motion picture, of a cinema, of something stunning that tells us a story.

If you need a more narrative fashion video (TV style), you need to record at the next speed, for illustration at 50-60 fps. This fashion is more suitable for illustration if you’re progressing to record sports; otherwise, you basically need to allow that feeling of something more genuine, more documentary.

Ending lines…

If you want to run a YouTube channel, you need a camera for video recording. However, the above are some Criteria for choosing the best camera for YouTube video.

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