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Top 5 Best lighting for YouTube videos

When you create a YouTube channel, the next step is to gather the accessories of creating a video. You have a microphone and camera, but your video is nothing without the proper lighting equipment. Meanwhile, a professional YouTube video needs to perfect every aspect like its lights, voice and perfect recording.

Something significant to keep in mind is to focus on the same axis as the camera. If the light is not located correctly, it can cause shadows on the opposite side of the subject or impact the camera lens, causing adverse effects.

If you are recording the video in daylight, you don’t need lighting equipment because of the daylight effect. On the other hand, if you capture the video at night, you need to consider the best lighting for YouTube videos. If you are a more prominent Youtuber; thus, you can view any video lighting and install the YouTube lighting setup.

Types of Lighting for YouTube Videos

When you have a market survey, you may find many lighting equipment, but you need to choose a functional or most affordable one that provides visually engaging videos. Most of the time, vloggers prefer the same lighting that is used in a photography studio. In a nutshell, you may choose the Best lighting for YouTube videos in the given list:

Softbox Lights

It emulates the effect of natural lightning like the light comes from the sun, as it is an idea for the frontal lighting. You can easily light-up the area because it’s broad coverage will make a soft shadow effect. It produces the quality of light like a neutral white interior or reflective silver lining. Usually, Softbox lights come in rectangular, square, long strips, octagonal, round ones parabolic and hexagonal shape. Thus, if you emit natural-looking light, you need to consider softbox lighting, as it is perfect for indoor shooting. Typically, it is used for making high-quality Youtube videos, whether for vlogging, cooking shows, product reviews or any other video in which you require high lightening effects.

Umbrella Lights

If you want portable and affordable light, you need to consider Umbrella light, as it produces soft light. It creates directional or controls lights, as compared to softboxes. You may find two types of umbrella lights in the market, for instance, shoot-through and reflective. The best part is, this type of lighting is portable, just like regular umbrellas. Meanwhile, umbrella lighting is perfect for achieving a more polish look for your Youtube video because of directional nature. Meanwhile, using umbrella light will provide the dramatic indoor lighting effect.

Ring Lights

Nowadays, it is the most widely used light for creating a video, as it is affordable and economical. The ring light is perfect for a wide range of shooting; also, it establishes halo catchlight in your eyes. Meanwhile, it is more portable, smaller and yes straightforward to set up whether indoor or outdoor. Only you have to place the ring light in front of you. If you want a cheap and effective lighting effect, then ring light is perfectly fit for making Youtube videos.

LED On-Camera Lights

Nowadays, the second most widely used light is LED On-Camera Lights. It comes in two shapes that are rectangular or square. Typically, its place at the top of the camera provides a continuous light effect. Meanwhile, it is more affordable as compared to ring light, softboxes or umbrellas.

Natural Light

Indeed, no light will beat the natural lightening effect at the time of vlogging. It means you don’t need any specific light equipment. You can record the video in the daytime. The ideal time to record the video is in the day time when the sun brightness is on the peak. Close your camera near to the window, so natural light directly lights up your face.

Wrapping up…

The above are the five best lightings for YouTube videos. Remember, lightning must need to place at an angle of 45 degrees between the person and the camera, it is indistinct to put it to the right or the left. If you want the natural light effect, place it in the most convenient position for focus.

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